Last week my girlfriend Marina and I took a day trip to Bath. We originally wanted to go to Brussels but it did not work out. After this trip I have realised you do not always need to go abroad to have fun. There is so much to do here at home. So many of us do not take advantage of the wonderful places in England to visit. I am one of them. The only let down I guess is the forever changing British weather *sighs*.

So my friend and I acted like tourists-you know the annoying ones and they ask you to take so many photos. That was us! One person even lied and said he did not know how to take pictures. Then we caught him taking pictures of his friends ha.

We had so much fun, we took the city and skyline bus tours of the city. There was a hilarious guide on the bus who gave us an in depth history of the city. He was so excited to tell us the city was established by the Romans, transformed by the Georgian era and how it is now. He was also eager to tell us about Jane Austen and that her books were heavily influenced by the city. Apparently she did not like Bath at all but everyone there loves her. Wherever you turn it is- Jane Austen, Jane Austen and Jane Austen.  What I found really interesting was that to have planning permission in Bath, buildings must be of Bath Stone. This is because they want Bath to keep its distinctive appearance. I fell in love with the Georgian architecture of the city, there is something so glamorous and sophisticated about it. I am already thinking this could be the perfect retirement place. I know what you are thinking, yes I am no where near that stage of life yet but it does not hurt to think of the future.

We also visited the Roman Baths, which was fascinating. The Romans were really into their spas and bathing in the hot springs. I think it was mentioned Bath is the only place in the U.K that has hot springs. After all the fun, we ended the day with yummy frozen yoghurt.

Here are some pictures :
















Stay Blessed


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