Best Emmy Looks

Best Emmy Looks


The Emmy Awards celebrates the best TV shows on the American screen.

The 65th annual Emmy awards this year saw a number of stars in glamorous gowns. From white to sparkles to blues, there was so much stunning dresses on the red carpet.

Here are my favourite looks:

Claire Danes

(Picture source-eonline)

Emmy 2013 Claire

Claire Danes, the Homeland actress, looked stunning in a sheer Armani Prive dress.

Mindy Kaling

(Picture source- New York Daily News)

Emmy 2013 Mindy

Love the deep plum colour of the dress. Mindy Kaling was wearing a Georges Chakra dress.

Heidi Klum

(Picture source- New York Daily News)

Emmy 2013 Heidi

Sparkly Spectacular. Heidi Klum dazzles in Versace.


Sofia Vergara

(Picture source-eonline)

Emmy 2013 Sofia Veg

Sofia Vergara wearing Vera Wang and Lorraine Schwartz. I love how Sofia sticks to dresses that suit her hourglass figure. No disappointment here!

Kaley Cuoco

(Picture source-New York Daily News)

Emmy 2013 Kaley

Kaley’s dark vampy romantic look. Dress by Vera Wang.

Taylor Schilling

(Picture source-eonline)

Emmy 2013 Taylor

I love the simplicity of this look. Understated yet the look oozes cool sophistication. Taylor is wearing a Thakoon dress, Neil Lane cuff, Amanda Pearl Clutch and Stuart Weitzman sandals.

Kerry Washington

(Picture source- New York Daily News)

Emmy 2013 Kerry 2

Emmy 2013 Kerry

My favourite look of the night. This Marchesa dress is so beautiful!

Padma Lakshimi

(Picture source- New York Daily News)

Emmy 2013 Padma

Padma Lakshimi wears a KaufmanFranco dress and Robert Lee Morris jewellery.

Rocsi Diaz

Emmy 2013 Rocsi

Rocsi’s electric blue fishtail gown is jaw breaking beautiful. Love the mermaid dress. The dress is Michael Costello and she is wearing Loren Ridinger jewels.

Stay Blessed


Great Women Of The Bible Challenge- Esther & Eunice

Esther- The woman who saved her people from genocide

Bible Reference- Book of Esther

Family Background- Her father was called Abihail, who was the Uncle of Mordecai. When her parents died, Mordecai her cousin, took care of her and took her as his daughter

Name meaning- Esther means star in Persian. The biblical meaning of Esther is hidden or secretive. Her original Hebrew name Hadassah means myrtle.

Who is Esther?

We are introduced to Esther in Esther 2:7 as Hadassah, where Mordecai took her as daughter as her parents died. She was also known as Esther. The Bible describes her as a young woman who had a lovely figure and was beautiful.

The story is that King Xerxes had a feast for 180 days where he displayed his wealth of his kingdom. After this he had a banquet for seven days. He summons Queen Vashti in order for her to show her beauty off to the people and the nobles. However she refuses. King Xerxes banishes her and she is punished to not enter the presence of the King. A new Queen is sought and Esther is chosen. Esther did not reveal her nationality or family background as Mordecai forbidden her not to do so. Mordecai uncovers a conspiracy, during his time sitting at the King’s gate. Two of the King’s officers conspired to assassinate King Xerxes. Mordecai tells Queen Esther who then tells the King, giving credit to Mordecai.

After these events King Xerxes honours Haman, giving him a position higher than any noble. All royal officials had to bow down to him. However Mordecai refused. Haman was angry. When he found out that Mordecai was a Jew, he looked for a way to destroy all the Jews in King Xerxes’ kingdom.

Mordecai calls on Esther to talk to the King. However the King does not know of Esther’s background. Esther is reluctant to go to the King. Remember, to approach her husband without permission she risked death.  She would be breaking the law and be punished by death. Mordecai reminds her of background and purpose:

“Do not think that because you are in the king’s house you alone of all the Jews will escape. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Esther then replied to Mordecai, to tell everyone in Susa to fast and pray for three days. She also said will do the same and after this she would go to the King.

Esther then entered the King’s court. The King was pleased with her so she requested to have a banquet with the King and Haman (she said she would give her petition at the banquet). So Haman got cocky and did ‘guy guy’ because he had been asked to attend dinner with the beautiful Queen Esther. He saw Mordecai who again did not bow to me. Haman’s wife suggested to him and his friends that he should set a 75 ft (23 m) pole for Mordecai to be hanged on.

The King the following night couldn’t sleep. He read the records of his reign and he found that Mordecai had exposed the officers who conspired to assassinate the King. The King asked Haman what should this man receive for his good work. Haman without realising it is Mordecai, told the King he should have a royal robe, sit on the house and be paraded through the city. When Haman realised he was sad and angry.

At the banquet Queen Esther told her husband King Xerxes of Haman’s evil plans to destroy the Jews (Queen Esther’s people) and kill Mordecai.  The King was angry and the pole that Haman planned for Mordecai, was instead set up for him.

The King gave Queen Esther Haman’s estate and she appointed Mordecai over it. The King gave Mordecai his signet ring which he reclaimed from Haman. The King also reversed Haman’s plans to destroy the Jews which was written into an edict. The decree granted all Jews across his kingdom the right to assemble and protect themselves.

Why is Esther great?

From Esther’s story you can tell what an extraordinary woman she was. She risked her life and interceded on behalf of her people to the King where she could have been punished to death. She knew the risks ‘And if I perish, I perish’ (Esther 4:16) yet she was willing to sacrifice her life in order for her people to be saved. Esther’s bravery, courage and faith in God highlights the strong belief she had in God. She was committed in fasting and praying, knowing that fasting gives favour and protection from God. She allowed God to use her in the position she was in to win deliverance for her people.

Esther, was a rare individual. She was chosen as a candidate for the King who must not only have been charmed by her beauty but her personality.Whilst reading this, I noticed the King was always eager to listen to his wife, Queen Esther. He greeted her with love and was willing to understand everything she put across. This demonstrates that Esther was a great wife too.

What can we learn from Esther?

We can learn from Esther’s obedience. Mordecai told her not to reveal her background and asked her to intercede on behalf of the Jews. She did whatever he asked. Imagine, as a young woman without no father and mother. Our parents from birth teach us how to respect others. However, Mordecai as her adoptive father took on that role. I learnt from this, the importance of obedience. Sometimes young people, even old can disagree with their parents, but look where Esther’s obedience brought her.

Furthermore, we can learn from Esther’s character from her determination to seek God’s guidance in her time of difficulty. We can be going through difficult times and forget the tools of prayer and fasting. In our trials and tribulations, we may lose hope and faith thinking what is the point. However Esther sought after God and we should learn from this.

Even though Esther kept her background a secret. She never forget where she came from. She was not ashamed in the hour of trouble to reveal who she was. We can learn from this that we should always love who we are, which includes our heritage and background.

From Esther’s story we learn that God can take you from nothing to something. She was  a young woman called Hadassah from Susa but then became Queen Esther of Persia. He had a plan for Esther, just like he has a plan for you and I. God used Esther as an instrument for his glorious purpose, to deliver the Jews and give them their rights. The same way God will use you and I. God put Esther as a Queen to do this. God can put us in a similar position for a purpose. Esther’s life is a demonstration of how God works. God puts each one of us into a position for his plan and purpose. We may never know what he is doing and think to ourselves- Why this? Why here? Why now? Why am I doing this? Then when everything comes together, then we look back and say to ourselves God I understand why you did it like that. She was put as a candidate as ‘for such a time as this’, she was given to the King as ‘for such a time as this’, she was the Queen as a ‘time for this’. Whatever position you are in, believe it is ‘for such a time as this’.

Eunice- The woman whose her son became a famous evangelist

Bible Reference- Acts 16:1-3, 2 Timothy 1:5, 2 Timothy 3:14-15

Family Background-Eunice was the daughter of Lois. The Bible does not mention who Eunice’s father is. Eunice married a Greek.

Name Meaning- Eunice means good victory

Who is Eunice?

Eunice was Timothy’s mother.

Why is Eunice great?

Esther is great because of the way she brought up her son. The Bible tells us that Timothy’s faith first came through his grandmother Lois and then Eunice. This means Eunice trained her son with scriptures. The bible reminds us to teach children in the way they should go. Paul speaks highly of Timothy, as his ‘dear son’. Eunice must have been proud that her son’s who was an evangelist, had an companion such as Paul. Looking at Timothy, Eunice did a great job.

What can we learn from Eunice?

We can learn from Eunice that we should bring up our children in the right way. She made sure  that from birth, Timothy was surrounded by the ways of God. We can take this from Eunice, that if we have positive Christian training in our homes our children would not depart from it.

Kaba Girl

Kaba Girl

Kaba Girl 7

If you are a Ghanaian, you will know all about the ‘Kaba and Slit’. The Kaba and Slit is a top and skirt. The skirt is usually long and there is a matching top. The Kaba and Slit is Ghanaian traditional wear worn by women. You will find women wearing it at funerals to traditional marriages etc. It is also worn by other African women. The Kaba and Slit has been modernised recently where young girls incorporate western styles. I love it when traditional meets modern.

My outfit here is a Kaba and a skirt. I do have the matching slit which I wore for another occasion. However I wore the Kaba with a black skirt to keep it nice and sweet.

Kaba Girl 1

Kaba Girl 9

Outfit details:

Kaba- made by my seamstress, designer-Nena Boateng

Black Skirt- M & S

Glass Sandals- M & S

Clutch- shop from Paris

Bangle- M & S

Stay Blessed


Paris Finds

Paris Finds


I went to Paris again. This time I did a little shopping. We went to Rue du Temple, there are so many shops. I think its a shopping district. From handbags, to jewellery to shoes-we were spoilt for choice. I found some cute pieces of jewellery. You know how I love chunky jewellery and statement pieces. So I couldn’t help myself and get something!

Paris finds 1

Paris finds 2

Top Stories

Twitter heads for Stock Market by filing for IPO

Social media giant Twitter confirmed last week their intention to float on the market. This was revealed on their website. Twitter is said to be worth at least £6.32 billion according to GSV Capital. Profits last year was valued at $350 million and is expected to increase this year. The filing was confidential which is allowed by The Securities and Exchanges Commission under the JOBS Act. The act allows firms which have less than $1 billion in annual revenue to register a public share sale without publishing details of the application. The JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act passed in 2012 requires a company under US law to go public if it has more than 2000 investors.

Royal Mail Privatisation

On Thursday, the government formally began the floating process for Royal Mail on the London Stock Exchange. It is argued to be the most ambitious privatisation since the privatising of the railways in the 90s. The Royal Mail privatisation is said to be worth £3 billion and the initial public offering is to take place in the coming weeks. It faces staunch opposition from the Communications Workers Union. Even though the government has promised 150,000 postmen and women a 10% stake in the company worth £2000 each, the union is still opposed to the privatisation. The CWU is committed in disrupting the sale process and has also rejected a 8.6% pay rise over three years.

Michael Dell buys back company he founded for $25bn

The struggling business, Dell has been brought by its founder Michael Dell. The shareholders backed his offer of $13.88 a share.  Activist investor Carl Icahn fought a deal to buy Dell but was defeated by Michael Dell. This comes as traditional PC companies are struggling to make money, with figures showing that PC sales will be overtaken by tablets for the first time-84.1 million tablets will be shipped in the fourth quarter of 2013 compared to 83.1million PCs. IDC, an research group has said that tablets will outsell all PCs by Christmas and by 2015 they will overtake PCs as consumers prefer tablets.

Vodafone and the Kabel Deutschland deal

Vodafone has taken control of Germany’s largest cable company, Kabel Deutschland. The 7.7 billion Euros takeover of Kabel, is part of Vodafone’s new strategy to be selling mobile phone subscriptions as well as television, broadband and home telephone services. The telecoms giant Vodafone secured  75% support from the shareholders. The Kabel shareholders accepted Vodafone’s £73.23 share offer, this also includes an 2.50 Euros dividend to Kabel Deutschland’s investors. The deal gives Vodafone access to 7 million cable subscribers in Germany. Kabel’s television service includes 100 digital channels which is sold via contracts with customers or house corporations and landlords. Kabel hoped to get a higher price from Vodafone, which raised concerns that the deal would fall last minute. The US hedge fund Elliot Capital put up its stake in Kabel to 10.9% in the run up to the deal.

Carney and Inflation

The governor of Bank of England, Mark Carney has told the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) that inflation is a priority for the Bank of England. Carney warned that unemployment may fall more slowly than markets expect. This is because the recession caused a large number in the people out of work for a long period. Under Carney’s forward guidance policy, the Bank of England will only raise interest rates when unemployment falls to 7%. Additionally, the Bank will only consider raising rates if it forecasts inflation above 2.5% in 18 to 24 months time.

Housing Bubble?

There are fears that there will soon be a debt fuelled housing bubble after Rightmove tripled its growth forecast for prices of home this year. The UK property website, Rightmove at the start of year forecasted that the average national asking prices would rise by 2pc over 2013. They are now predicting it will rise to 6pc. These figures raise concern and have put pressure on the Government. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has warned the increase in the value of property could be detrimental to the economic recovery. This brings into question the Government’s plan to extend its Help to Buy initiative. The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has suggested there is no need to panic as the Government and the Bank of England will prevent a housing bubble before it becomes a risk. The Government argues that the property market, is a long way off becoming a bubble and plans to continue with the policy of providing support to first time buyers.

Opposite Colours Attract

Opposite Colours Attract


Opposite colours attract. Some may think that complementary colours in an outfit is a bit too much. A bit too much is never enough! However you don’t want to be looking like a walking rainbow. When doing colour blocking, try to have two main parts of your outfit as complementary colours and keep the rest neutral. With my OOTD , my complementary colours was yellow and blue (not the traditional complementary colours of yellow and purple but yellow and blue will still work), then the neutral colours was black and white. This still gives you the vibrant look but doesn’t make you look clown crazy.

Here are some pictures:

Opposite Colours attract 1

Opposite Colours attract 6

Opposite Colours attract 7

Opposite Colours attract 8

Opposite Colours attract 9

Opposite Colours attract 10

Opposite Colours attract 11

Opposite Colours attract 12

Opposite Colours attract 14

Stay Blessed


THE 7 DENIM FIT-JEANS for 7 Body Types

THE 7 DENIM FIT-JEANS for 7 Body Types


I don’t know about you, but I find it so hard to get jeans that fit me properly. They are either huge at the waist, too tight at the hips or make my legs look humungous- its Girls with Big Bum Problems.  I remember when jeggings first came out, I stayed far away from it. The material of jeggings was very clingy. But now you can get all types- which is great for my figure. Now, you can get jeggings which are very much like jeans. Check out M & S, they have great jeggings!

Now, if you are like me and love wearing all types of jeans (boyfriend, mom, skinny, flares and straight, white, grey, black, blue or green etc) you will need to know how to put it together. I am a pear shape-smaller top, bigger bottom half. If I am wearing white skinny jeans, I would wear a colourful top to balance it out. It won’t be right to wear a darker colour at the top, to draw attention to my bottom half. It is great to know what suits your figure.

What is the right denim fit for you?

1) Pear Shape

What is the right denim fit for you?Pear asos straight jeans


Straight jeans is perfect for pear shapes. It compliments curves and elongates your legs.

Flared Jeans are also great for pear shapes.

Colours- Opt for darker tones

Jeans- Check it out here (ASOS Marney Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Wash)


2) Tall

What is the right denim fit for you?

Tall Skinny


Skinny jeans work well for tall women.

It depends on whether you want to add even more height to your appearance. Bootcut and Flares will make your legs longer- but I don’t see anything wrong with that! It will give you that supermodel look. Hey, there Naomi Campbell *waves*.

Also look for brands that offer longer lengths. You may not want to wear something that is too short for you. I understand the headache of finding the right length. I am short, so sometimes jeans may come out longer. Don’t worry if the jeans come out short, you can work it. You can work the cropped look!

Colours- Look for lighter shades of denim

Jeans- Check it out here (Topshop Tall Moto Leigh Skinny Jeans)


3) Hourglass

What is the right denim fit for you?

Hourglass wide trousers asos


Wide leg trousers is great for showing off that hourglass figure. Look for a midrise jean (sits midway on the stomach). It will create a lovely silhouette and fit nicely on your hips.

I know what you are thinking-ewww, bootcut *cringe*. However it is not bad as many think, when dressed right you will be looking fineeee! Bootcut is a good fit for the hourglass shape.

Jeans- Check it out here (Denham Pam Wide Leg Jeans)


4) Athletic

What is the right denim fit for you?

Athletic Levi boyf jeans


Yes, that’s right- anything! Whether its boyfriend or slim fitted- athletic shapes can work it. Athletic body shapes are lucky, they can carry anything off. Skinny and Bootcut look particularly good on Athletic figures. Bootcut would give you a curvier silhouette.

Jeans- Check it out here (Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny Selvedge Jeans)


5) Inverted Triangle

What is the right denim fit for you?

  Mango inverted triangle


Flares is the best for an inverted triangle body shape. Flares would broaden your shoulders and balance it out.

Colours- Anything

Jeans- Check it out here (Mango Dark Wash Flared Jeans)









6) Petite

What is the right denim fit for you?Petite cropped zara shoes


Petite girls stick to cute cropped jeans. This should be slim or skinny cut. A high waistline will lengthen your legs.




Jeans- Check it out here (Zara Cropped Jeans)


7) Apple

What is the right denim fit for you?


Apple Bootcut M & S

Bootcut will give you a slimming appearance. Try to find jeans that have pockets on the bum, to give your bum shape. Add heels and you’re ready to go!

Colours- Opt for dark denim

Jeans- Check it out here (M&S Collection Slim Fit Denim Bootleg Jeans)


Stay Blessed