Dashiki Reflections

This is not going to be one of my usual fashion posts where I will be talking about the outfit alone. I want to discuss a little about the outfit and much more on 2015.

I wore this dashiki dress in the summer, I was not going to post it but my dear sister-friend convinced me to put it up. Summer time is my favourite time of the year, I love the weather and you can wear more interesting and colourful things (you already know how I love colour and lots of it). I wore this dress before actually way back in sixth form, during a Black History Month event that I was involved in, so to my brothers who think I copied them, lies you tell twinnies.  Please do follow and check out their blog www.uptothepoint.wordpress.com

Dashiki Reflections 1

Dashiki Reflections 2


Dashiki dress- Made in Ghana

Wedges- Dune

Necklace- Wallis

Bangle- John Lewis

Bag- Modalu

Looking at the pictures again made me reflect on the year 2015. This year has been an interesting one, a mix of highs and lows. Through it all, one thing that I am most thankful for is growth. I am not where I was last year, I have grown in certain areas of my life. Firstly my walk with Christ has grown and matured, I am not where I used to be in 2014. At the beginning of this year I said to God, I want more of him. I was tired of just receiving the word from other people, waiting for encouragement from others and wanted to have a personal relationship with him. Secondly, my friendships and relationships have grown. Growth in friendships does not just mean you increasing your friendship group, it means bettering individual friendships and also allowing people into your life who are positive .This year I met someone and within three months we became so close. I truly believe God put her in my life, because at that time I was praying about something and when she walked into my life she answered my prayer with one bible verse. Why I say God put her in my life is because at that particular time I felt like God was not listening to me and she gave me a bible verse to mediate on. She had no clue that the verse she gave me was the answer to my prayer until later on.  Additionally, this year some people that I have known for a while have been cut off (not necessarily drama)  just some people are there for a certain time and you move on.

Thirdly, I learned this year that a ‘private life is a happy life’. I have always been private and will continue to be so. I do not like letting the whole world know my business and in particular in 2015 learnt not everything that happens in your life needs to be told. This relates to the first growth point, this year God told me to stop running to people when I was always disappointed or when I was rejoicing. There were times when I would pick the phone up and dial the number he would say,  ‘Rae put the phone down and speak to me first’. The first person I have learned to run to is God with everything and as the song says ‘Jesus be the center of it all’. This does not mean that you should keep everything to yourself, it is just striking that important balance. It depends on the type of person you are, some are extremely private and some blab out everything- its important to find the middle ground

Fourthly this year, I have learned to ‘launch out’. Many of us have wonderful ideas and visions, but because of fear we hold ourselves back. Late this year, I told myself I will no longer do to that myself. I am going to live life in such a way, that if I have an idea I will set out to do it. I encourage all that if you have been thinking about a venture you want to get into, or a new career or to set up a business or whatever it may be do it! Don’t wait for others to give you the go ahead otherwise you will be waiting forever. Many of us are sitting on ideas that could potentially be great but I encourage you to look into your hands. Ask yourself what are these hands good at doing? Are your hands good at drawing? Use that artistic ability. Are your hands good at writing? Use that creative ability.

What for 2016?

This time next year I will be reflecting back on the year and thinking of what I have done, what I achieved and what I could do better. I think reviewing yourself is so important, it gives you a fresh mind and the urge to do better. However do not wait to the end of the year to review yourself, you can have reviews throughout the year.

What to expect from the blog in 2016? More great posts on fashion, faith, politics, law, business, art etc. There will be a post a week (sometimes more than one). With the fashion posts expect more than ‘what am I wearing posts’ or ‘OOTDs’.  I love discussing with friends the history behind fashion and the business of fashion, so I will be writing more posts on that. This goes with other blog posts too.

Stay Blessed x

Kanye West- The King of Shoes?

Kanye-King of Shoes 3

On 2 December Kanye West was awarded the coveted FN Achievement Award ‘Shoe of the Year’ award which recognises the best and most talented designers in the shoe game. He won the Footwear News accolade for his collaboration with Adidas. Like many others, I have not been impressed by Kanye West’s design efforts. However some pieces from Yeezy Season 1 & 2 such as the ankle boots, sandals and the coats I like.

Kanye- King of Shoes Kanye-King of Shoes

Kanye-King of Shoes 5 I am no expert when it comes to trainers, do I even own a pair? Yes one…but that’s only for the occasional visits to the gym and my every now and then spur of the moment power walks. I prefer to wear pretty flats than trainers when dressing casually. A good friend of mine convinced me to go trainer shopping with her, she was convinced being a ‘sneaker head’ she could find something that I would like…I did not find anything. I like trainers but I just do not like it on me *shrugs shoulders*. What do I recognise with Kanye West’s Yeezus boost is that it has been the most talked about, most sought after and most recognised shoes of the year. In comparison, the Yeezus boost is probably the most sought after trainers next to the Jordan brand. It continues to climb in popularity and having being sold out just in 12 minutes (sold for $200) its impact on pop culture is undeniable. The Yeezus boost 350 was being sold on eBay for more than $10,000 dollars-everyone wanted them. Though he has not received favourable reviews and his collections have been criticised, the numbers says it all-he has an eye for footwear. Kanye West follows in the footsteps of celebrated shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, Stuart Weitzman (my favourite shoe designer alongside Salvatore Ferragamo), Manolo Blahnik and Pierre Hardy who have all been recognised by FN Achievement Awards for their work.

Kanye-King of Shoes 4

In October, when Footwear News announced it will awarding Kanye with shoe designer of the year, they said:

This year’s Shoe of the Year honour recognizes the insatiable demand for all things Yeezy. The sneaker releases dominated the market in 2015 as demand for the product crashed servers, sparked extraordinary resale value and created a need for mob control in stores. From the moment Kanye West unveiled the 750 high-tops on the Grammys, his Adidas Sneakers have been the most-coveted, most-talked about, most recognized shoes this year.

Is Kanye the King of Shoes because of his knack for design or is it his star power? After all past FNAA winners are known for their designs- Louboutin for the red sole, Stuart Weitzman’s use of unique materials and attention to detail whilst  Manolo Blahnik is known for the sleek stiletto heel. Rather the emphasis has been on his ability to draw people in using his celebrity influence. Kanye has influenced fashion, there is no denying that. He has an incredible following and has set trends. Maybe now it is not just about the design of the shoe that wins accolades but your power of influence, which Kanye has.

Image Sources: www.vogue.com, www.highsnobiety.com




Stay Blessed x