Double denim

Double denim

I know what you are thinking- double denim is a fashion disaster. However Double Denim can work if it is done right. We all remember the double denim outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the American Music Awards. She was wearing a bustier denim dress and he was wearing a denim suit with that awful cowboy denim hat. Double denim is back in! Designers such as Miu Miu  showcased Double Denim at their spring summer show. Try not to make the double denim  ‘matchy-matchy’- denim shoes, denim hat, denim dress and denim bag etc.  For inspiration take a look at celebrities like Rihanna and Miranda Kerr who have rocked the Double Denim look well. It can be pulled off by all ages-whether in the teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and grown and fabulous.

Here are 3 ways Double Denim can be done:

1) Head to toe

This means that the top and bottom has the same  or similar shade of blue. This outfit works with simple and neutral accessories. For a contemporary look  try and add bold accessories like a studded bag or a statement belt.

Head to Toe

Denim Shirt- Oasis (Click here)

Jeans- Topshop (Click here)

Studded Bag- Marks & Spencer Limited Collection (Click here)

Sandals – KG Kurt Geiger (Click here)

2) Ladylike

For a ladylike look try a denim dress or a denim shirt with a denim pencil skirt. This could be paired with feminine jewellery and elegant court shoes.

Lady Like

Denim Dress- Phase Eight (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Red Court Stilettos- Stuart Weitzman Russell & Bromley (Click Here)

Red Patent Handbag- Aspinal (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Chunky Pearl Necklace- John Lewis (Click Here)

Pearl Studs- John Lewis (Click Here)

Gold Watch- Radley (John Lewis) (Click Here)

3) Mix and Match

For this look to be achieved, mix and match different types of denims. This can be done for example wearing a denim shirt with  distressed jeans. Additionally, wearing different colours of denim can work for example light washed out jeans with a darker denim top. Now a lot of jeans are mixed with leather or patterns. If you are looking for a contemporary look try jeans like this and a denim top. It is okay to mix and match.

Mix and Match

Denim Shirt with lace- ASOS (Click Here)

Denim Shorts- H&M (Click Here)

Here are some pictures of my Double Denim OOTD on my weekend in Cambridge recently:

SAM_0390denim hhSAM_0391

Denim Shirt-Mango

Denim Skirt- Marks & Spencer

Black Flatform Sandals- KG Kurt Geiger

Belt- Versace

Rose Gold Watch- Marc Jacobs

Stay Blessed





Last week my girlfriend Marina and I took a day trip to Bath. We originally wanted to go to Brussels but it did not work out. After this trip I have realised you do not always need to go abroad to have fun. There is so much to do here at home. So many of us do not take advantage of the wonderful places in England to visit. I am one of them. The only let down I guess is the forever changing British weather *sighs*.

So my friend and I acted like tourists-you know the annoying ones and they ask you to take so many photos. That was us! One person even lied and said he did not know how to take pictures. Then we caught him taking pictures of his friends ha.

We had so much fun, we took the city and skyline bus tours of the city. There was a hilarious guide on the bus who gave us an in depth history of the city. He was so excited to tell us the city was established by the Romans, transformed by the Georgian era and how it is now. He was also eager to tell us about Jane Austen and that her books were heavily influenced by the city. Apparently she did not like Bath at all but everyone there loves her. Wherever you turn it is- Jane Austen, Jane Austen and Jane Austen.  What I found really interesting was that to have planning permission in Bath, buildings must be of Bath Stone. This is because they want Bath to keep its distinctive appearance. I fell in love with the Georgian architecture of the city, there is something so glamorous and sophisticated about it. I am already thinking this could be the perfect retirement place. I know what you are thinking, yes I am no where near that stage of life yet but it does not hurt to think of the future.

We also visited the Roman Baths, which was fascinating. The Romans were really into their spas and bathing in the hot springs. I think it was mentioned Bath is the only place in the U.K that has hot springs. After all the fun, we ended the day with yummy frozen yoghurt.

Here are some pictures :
















Stay Blessed


Tribal Chunky

Tribal Chunky

tribal chunky 1

Hello everyone. This is some quick snaps of my OOTD when I went to Bath for a day trip last week. I love love love Aztec, African and tribal prints. I am always looking out for any interesting printed clothes. The tribal printed top is actually a long shirt that I tucked into my harem trousers. I am a big fan of chunky jewellery- it can make an outfit pop. It can also jazz up an ordinary and plain outfit to give it an expensive look. The combination of tribal prints and chunky jewellery is always a winner. I chose the teal tank top just to break it down and give me some colour. I actually had another outfit planned for this trip but the weather ruined my plans. I do hope that the weather gets better and stops misbehaving. It’s June and I want to wear colours!

tribal chunky 2

I was wearing:

Windsmoor  Tribal Printed Shirt (got it from my mum).

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Teal Tank Top

Kaliko (John Lewis) Dark Grey Harem Trousers

Wallis Gold Chunky Statement Necklace

Marc Jacobs Watch

Black flats (got it from my mum)

Stay Blessed