What every Christian woman needs?


What does every Christian woman need? Firstly the bible of course, followed by prayer and faith. I also have two things that I believe every Christian woman needs:

  1. The power of a praying woman by Stormie Omartian
  2. The power of a praying wife by Stormie Omartian

what every christian woman needs

The power of a praying woman

This book by Stormie Omartian is for women looking to deepen their walk with Christ. The book covers walking close with God, forgiveness, taking control of your mind, walking in obedience, true worship and many more topics.

In the 30 chapters, Stormie shares her experiences in each chapter, giving us something to learn from and empathise with. It is much easier I believe to understand an experience when someone shares their story personally. It is almost like, ‘yes I have been there too, so you can also do it’. Stormie explains how she was unable to forgive her mother for childhood abuse and also her dad for staying silent. It was only until Christian therapy, that Stormie realised she had not forgived her father.

I also love the prayers at the end of each chapter, which comes along with bible verses based on the topic of the chapter.

The power of a praying wife

I got this book shortly after getting married and also brought the power of a praying husband for the hubby. This book is great for women who are getting married, want to get married or already married. Stormie shares her own personal experiences again, but this time in her marriage and how to stay prayed up in the marriage.

Like the power of a praying woman, there are prayers at the end of each chapter that are very useful and bible verses also.

I recommend this book to every married woman.


I hope to get Stormie’s other books too, as the ones I have blessed me so much.

Stay Blessed x