Welcome to the world, Moto G

Welcome to the world, Moto G


The latest product from Motorola (which is owned by Google) went on sale this month. The, Moto G, is Motorola’s anticipated smartphone since the company’s acquisition by Google.

The mid range smartphone will aim to undercut its rivals on price. It is on sell for £135 or $179. It offers a 4.5  high definition screen, 1.2 GHz processor, Android 4.3 and a choice between 8 or 16 GB storage. Although 16 GB is the maximum storage, there is an option of 50GB online storage for two years. Moto G is available in Latin America and parts of Europe, and would then spread to the US, Middle East and Asia by January.

Motorola seems to be targeting customers who want a smartphone like the iPhone but for less money. Its specifications does certainly cover this. Similar to the iPhone it offers a slow-motion video. Additionally, the device offers a 5MP camera. The company believes that half a billion people are looking to buy smartphones for less than $200. Currently, many do face the choice of low end smartphones or phones that came out some time ago. The £400+ smartphones are simply out of their range. However, it looks like Motorola have understood the market and are now targeting customers who wish to spend less.

It seems that Moto-G was built to compete with the iPhone and other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4.

Mr Woodside, the chief executive said “The Moto G solves that problem  for one fifth of the cost of an iPhone 5s. We really built this to compete with the iPhone: it’s got a 25% per cent bigger display than the 5s, Qualcomm’s latest quad processor, 18 different combinations of backs and a guaranteed update to the latest Android experience”.

There is the question of whether Moto G will turn around Motorola’s disappointing fortunes in the smartphone market. Motorola lost nearly $250 million in the third quarter and analysts say that the sales of the Moto X range are mediocre. Nevertheless, the Moto X is only in sale in the US, where it is hard to break the stronghold of Samsung and Apple. The Moto G may gain interest in developing countries, where some people rely on their phones to do mobile banking where access to financial services may be hard. Motorola offering a high performance phone at an affordable price is a great strategy in welcoming those with little to spend.

Will Moto G be a success? It is yet to be seen.

A/W Guide 2013/2014

A/W Guide 2013/2014

I know I am a bit late, with my guide the ‘Autumn/Winter fashion guide 2013/2014’. However, remember it is never too late to give a few pointers when it comes to shoes, handbags, jewellery and clothing. From tartan to checks to the full skirt, there is something for everyone to love.

Here are my pointers:

Tartan & Checks

As seen at: Celine, Versace, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger,  Mulberry & Saint Laurent

Tartan & Checks

Left: Michael Kors

Right: Clements Ribeiro

Tartan is the print for Autumn/Winter this year. Checks were worn head to toe on the runway. Do not be afraid to clash checks together. For those who are afraid of clash mania, try out a tartan jacket or coat or add even a tartan scarf to your outfit.

Where to find it ?:

Tartan & Checks 2

Asos Balloon Tartan Top: See here

Asos checked coat: See here

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Tartan bag: See here

Topshop Gingham Jeans: See here

The Skirt

As Seen at: Celine, Jill Sander,  Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney

The Skirt

Left: Victoria Beckham

Right: Aquilano.Rimondi

The skirt is longer, midcalf and  full. The runway focused on femininity, instead of the sexy mini, it is the knee length skirt which best captures a woman. From the elegant sleek pencil skirts to the fifties inspired full skirts-pair it with a knit, flats or chunky ankle boots.

Where to find it ? :

The Skirt 2

Marks & Spencer Leather Full Skirt: See here

Mango White Midi Skirt: See here

Zara High Waist Grey Skirt: See here

Zara Asymmetric Skirt: See here

Cover Yourself

As Seen at: Carven

In this chilly weather, you would want to keep warm. With the news of a extremely cold winter this year, why not make a statement with your coat? This year coats are oversized, big or streamlined, boyish or womanly, richly coloured or pale. Coats come pink and sleeveless-there is something for everybody.

Oversized coats

Left to Right: Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Carven

Where to find it ? :

oversized coats 2

John Lewis (Jaeger) Green Cocoon Coat: See here

John Lewis (Hobbs) Tan Coat: See here

Ted Baker Green Coat: See here


As Seen at: Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler


Left to Right: Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Saunders, Chloe

It’s all about the pale baby colours. Pale pinks and pale blues, all inspired by the 60s. However not only does pink come pale, but in different variants-dusty berry and shocking pinks.

Where to find it:

Colours 2

ASOS Pink Coat: See here

Reiss blue dress: See here

The Mini Bag

As Seen at: Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Carven

Mini handbag

Left to Right: Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel

Aren’t these bags so cute? I wonder what you can fit in them…Impractical? Oh, well!

Where to find it ?:

Mini handbag 2

River Island Orange Mini Cross Body bag: See here

River Island Blue Clutch bag: See here

Warehouse Pink Midi bag: See here

Stay Blessed


Robin Thicke accused of Infringing Marvin Gaye’s Song

Robin Thicke accused of Infringing Marvin Gaye’s Song

Marvin Gaye and Robin Thicke

We all know Robin Thicke’s number one hit ‘Blurred Lines’. It has been controversial for many reasons. However, recently the song has been hit with fresh criticism. This time it is from Marvin Gaye’s family.

Marvin Gaye’s family responded to a Robin Thicke lawsuit which claimed parts of his hit ‘Blurred Lines’ weren’t stolen from Gaye’s 1977 hit ‘Got to Give up’.  Gaye’s children have launched a number of counter claims against Thicke and record label EMI.

As well as claiming that Thicke copyright infringed ‘Got to Give Up’, his children claim that he has copied many of Marvin Gaye’s songs. His family have argued that EMI ( is owned by Sony/ATV Music Publishing) should lose all the profits on the Platinum rated single ‘Blurred Lines’ and that they should gain rights to administer the song under Marvin Gaye’s catalogue.

Gaye’s children have claimed EMI of breaching contract by failing to protect Marvin Gaye’s musical work and by attempting to turn public opinion against the family.

This case comes after, Gaye’s family threatened a Court battle in August against Thicke. Thicke and the song’s producers Pharrell Williams and T.I asked the judge to declare that ‘Blurred Lines’ did not infringe on Gaye’s musical work.

Robin Thicke has previously praised Marvin Gaye’s song ‘Got to Give up’ in a interview with Billboard. He described it as his favourite song of all time and that he wished to make a song like that with Pharrell in the studio. Gaye’s children are pointing to this interview to support their case.

Was the song copyright infringed or used for mere inspiration?

Camera in Courts For The First Time


Cameras in courts are allowed in court for the first time since last week. It has been described by the BBC as ‘…a landmark for justice and journalism’. After many years of campaigning by the BBC, ITN, Sky News and the Press Corporation, live broadcasting is possible in five courtrooms and recordings in 13 others.

Since 1925 it was an offence to take photos of judges, witnesses and jurors in the courts of England and Wales. In Scotland, broadcasters have been allowed to film since 1992 but this requires the consent of all parties. However for the first time in England and Wales a case will be broadcasted. This case concerned a ringleader of a scam to forge pound coins failed in his bid to appeal a seven year sentence.

As for the crown and magistrate courts, cameras are not allowed yet. Additionally, lawyers arguments’ and judges comments’ can be shown but defendants cannot.

It can be argued that this change in the law will allow the public to understand the work of the courts and gain an wider understanding. Several broadcasters have supported the move, many arguing that it would benefit justice and democracy.

John Hardie, ITN chief executive said filming in courts would be ‘for the benefit of open justice and democracy’.

However there has been criticism of allowing cameras in court. Labour Peer Baroness Kennedy QC said ‘What I’m worried is something more fragile, which is our liberty as citizens in this country that the legal system should be taken seriously’. There is fear amongst critics that it would undermine the respect for the court.

Great Women of the Bible Challenge- Jael

Jael- The woman who killed Israel’s enemy

Bible Reference- Judges 4:17-22, Judges 5

Family Background- Jael was the wife of Heber the Kenite

Name Meaning- Jael also Yael, is a Hebrew name which means wild mountain goat

Who is Jael?

We are introduced to Jael in Judges 4. God told Deborah that she would deliver Israel from the King of Canaan. Deborah called Barak to lead a army against the King of Canaan. However Barak wished that Deborah would go with him in battle. Deborah agreed but prophesied that it was a woman that would deliver Israel from its enemy. The King of Canaan’s army was led by Sisera.

We learn that Sisera the enemy of Israel  fled to Jael’s tent. The Bible tells us this is because there was an alliance between Jabin the King and Jael’s husband.

Jael greets Sisera and invites him into her tent. She tells him not to be afraid.  He asks for water and she gives him milk. Sisera tells Jael to stand by the doorway of the tent and if anyone asks if anyone is in the tent say no.

However Jael picket up a tent peg and hammer, went quietly to him while he was sleeping and killed him.

Then Barak was looking for Sisera and Jael met him. She showed him the dead Sisera.

Why is Jael great?

To be honest when I first came across Jael when reading Deborah’s story, I did not think much of her. Should I include this woman in my study of the Great Women of the Bible? This woman used her hospitality skills to kill a man. What a sly woman? These were the thoughts running through my head. But then something struck me which is in Judges 5:17-22 and completely changed my mind on Jael.

Deborah described her- ‘Most blessed of women be Jael’. This struck me. Why did it? Jael is only one of two women in the Bible to be described as blessed, the other is Mary (mother of Jesus). This tells us something, that this woman is  special indeed. She is great because she was a fearless heroine, who killed the man who oppressed God’s people.

What can we learn from Jael?

Jael is not your ‘typical biblical great woman’. She is not as well known as the others. I questioned Jael’s actions over and over again. To offer hospitality and safety to a person, then the next minute murder him, I thought was really mean. In fact, evil. Remember, Jael’s husband was at peace with Sisera’s master King Jabin.

She may not be your Mary or your Hannah but there is something incredible we can learn from her. That God can use anyone to fulfil his plans. God told Deborah that he would deliver Israel from Jabin and Sisera. Jael, a non-Israelite and woman gave Israel the final victory over King Jabin and Sisera. Imagine at the time, a woman playing a role like that- it is only right to describe Jael as fearless and blessed.

Jael’s actions could be seen as unjustifiable, as she murdered Sisera. However God out of that, brought something good. Sisera under Jabin oppressed God’s people, Jael’s actions gave Israel deliverance and victory. There is a lesson here that although we may have committed a sin or been unfaithful to God, God can always bring about good.

Stay Blessed


Lady In Red

Lady In Red

We are in the chilly months now.  It is all about layers, layers and more layers- to keep ourselves warm. In this cold weather, I never want to take my coat off. This is what I say, have a fabulous coat and no one would worry what you have underneath.

Here are some pictures:

Lady in Red 3

Lady in Red 1

Lady in Red 7

Lady in Red 2

What I was wearing:

Coat- Monsoon

Shoes- Dune

Bag- John Lewis

Hoop Earrings- Wallis



Stay Blessed