Tug of hair

Weaves, wigs, microbraids, box braids, cornrows, natural, permed I have had it all…yet to try crochet and twists but one thing remains DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR!

Look over your shoulder 4

So this week, I had a ‘DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR’ moment and I must say it is the worse one yet.

Tug of hair-The story

“I like your hair”, I reply with a thank you. The person then tugs my hair without my permission. when did a thank you give permission to tug hair? I thought a thank you was something your parents taught from an early age to say when someone complimented you or gave you a gift. My thank you is not a word of consent to touch my hair. I thought the tugging of hair would be a one off and the person will back off after, so I decided to not a make a biggie about it. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG-Rae you were so wrong!

‘The person’ as I have decided to call him/her, then proceeds to ask me whether my hair is real (how I was keeping my anger by now I do not know, Jesus saves, he really does), I say no. You think the tugging is over, the person TUGS AGAIN and says “It is so cool” in reference to my hair not being real. In retrospect, I should have told the person the hair on my head is real, (human hair) but then that will probably confuse the person further. Then again, the person when asking whether the hair was ‘real’ was probably asking whether it is my own hair *shrugs shoulders*.

Is Tug of hair a game?

Please, please, please do let me know whether there is game called ‘Tug of hair’ as the person TUGGED my hair again and said ‘This is so fun Rachel’. Is your hair alright? I did not know tugging hair was a source of entertainment or enjoyment. By this time, I was fuming, mad and all forms of angry. The person I believe actually did think tug of hair was a game, as he/she tried again. I moved, like this was a game of dodge the tugging of hair. I was so fed up, so I asked ‘Let me tug your hair too’, to my surprise the person said yeah go ahead. I knew this was not going to end, that the person had time on their hands to play ‘Tug of hair’, me on the other hand I did not. So I said, bye and thank goodness the person knew she/he was dismissed.

The arrogance of some to think it is okay to touch others’ hair, baffles me. I am not an animal for you to pet my hair. I am not an art piece for you to stand over me and peer into my hair (I do not know what you are looking for anyway, my weave tracks never show). Say your compliments and move along. I understand that weave may fascinate you, but all types of women wear weave, whether its called ‘hair extensions’ or ‘weave-on’ its extra hair attached to your own hair . So why the games, person?

Let’s talk

It is so strange to me because I would never dream of tugging, touching, petting another person’s hair unless the person has asked me too (which usually would be a girlfriend of mine) I know sometimes its ignorance and lack of awareness of others cultures, that people do silly things but at least let us talk. I am very open to discuss my hair, what I do, how I wear some styles for beauty purposes and others for my hair to grow. Girl, we can discuss where you can get cheaper argan oil, instead of the £40 you spend. Let’s share hair secrets and save coins at the same time. Or even, do your research? Google, like everybody else when they do not know the answer to something.

Hair, whether its ‘real’ or not is part of the body. Hair comes from the roots of the head, the head is part of the body. Everyone should respect that each individual has control of their body. So what does this mean? You should not be touching anyone’s bodies including hair without permission or consent. Please don’t touch my hair, or tug my hair for that matter!

Thank you for allowing me to vent!