Tribal Chunky

tribal chunky 1

Hello everyone. This is some quick snaps of my OOTD when I went to Bath for a day trip last week. I love love love Aztec, African and tribal prints. I am always looking out for any interesting printed clothes. The tribal printed top is actually a long shirt that I tucked into my harem trousers. I am a big fan of chunky jewellery- it can make an outfit pop. It can also jazz up an ordinary and plain outfit to give it an expensive look. The combination of tribal prints and chunky jewellery is always a winner. I chose the teal tank top just to break it down and give me some colour. I actually had another outfit planned for this trip but the weather ruined my plans. I do hope that the weather gets better and stops misbehaving. It’s June and I want to wear colours!

tribal chunky 2

I was wearing:

Windsmoor  Tribal Printed Shirt (got it from my mum).

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Teal Tank Top

Kaliko (John Lewis) Dark Grey Harem Trousers

Wallis Gold Chunky Statement Necklace

Marc Jacobs Watch

Black flats (got it from my mum)

Stay Blessed


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