One of my favourite artists is Jackson Pollock. He is famous for his style of drip painting and is one of the main figures in abstract painting. I love the way he uses colours to express energy and motions in a painting.

The outfit I wore today, reminded me of Pollock’s work. It reminded me of the time when I studied Art at A-level and I was working on a piece influenced by Pollock. I think the top looks like a pouring of colour thrown onto material. Can you see it?

Here are some pictures of my outfit of the day:

Pollickism 1

Pollickism 5

Pollickism 6

Pollickism 3

Pollickism 2

The front of top is a kriss kross arrangement of different Ntoma or Ankara (African fabric) fabrics. The back of the top is a navy sheer material.

Pollickism 4

Pollickism 7

Pollickism 8 Pollickism 9

What I wore:

Kriss Kross Ntoma/Ankara top- Made in Ghana

White Trousers- Vintage

Shoes- Marks & Spencer

Bracelet- Marks & Spencer (Limited Edition)

Bag- Zara

   Stay Blessed x

Bring me flowers

This is an outfit I wore to Church today. It has been such a sunny and lovely day. I finally could put a pair of sunglasses on. I hope it stays the same throughout the week. Maybe, that’s a big ask…lol.

It seems that florals are never going to go out of fashion. Last summer it was in and it is still in now. I guess it is a statement that says ‘BANG, here is the Spring and Summer Season!’. Nothing but florals and bright colours say Spring and Summer better.

Bring me flowers 1

Bring me flowers 2

Bring me flowers 3

Bring me flowers 4

Bring me flowers 5

Bring me flowers 6

Bring me flowers 8

Bring me flowers 9

Bring me flowers 10 Bring me flowers 11

What I was wearing?

Dress- Marks & Spencer

Shoes-Kurt Geiger

Earrings- Topshop

Pearl Bracelet-Topshop

Bag- Zara

Stay Blessed


Check Out The Leather

Check Out The Leather


Check out the Leather 3

Checks, Plaid and all things patterns are one of the key trends for Autumn Winter 2013/2014.  I saw this checked top when it first came out and thought to myself let me wait until the sale comes on. When I got to Marks and Spencer, my size wasn’t there *cries*. I looked online and read the reviews, everyone said how they loved the top but you had to go a size up. I don’t know what’s going on with sizing lately, sometimes it comes out bigger and sometimes it is way too small. Doesn’t it annoy you? I paired the checked top with a leather skirt and wine red courts.

Check out the leather 2

Check out the Leather 1

What was I wearing?

Checked Shell Top- Marks & Spencer (Limited Edition)

Leather Skirt- Marks & Spencer (Limited Edition)

Silver necklace- Marks & Spencer (Autograph)

Bangle- Marks & Spencer

Shoes-Kurt Geiger

Stay Blessed


Opposite Colours Attract

Opposite Colours Attract


Opposite colours attract. Some may think that complementary colours in an outfit is a bit too much. A bit too much is never enough! However you don’t want to be looking like a walking rainbow. When doing colour blocking, try to have two main parts of your outfit as complementary colours and keep the rest neutral. With my OOTD , my complementary colours was yellow and blue (not the traditional complementary colours of yellow and purple but yellow and blue will still work), then the neutral colours was black and white. This still gives you the vibrant look but doesn’t make you look clown crazy.

Here are some pictures:

Opposite Colours attract 1

Opposite Colours attract 6

Opposite Colours attract 7

Opposite Colours attract 8

Opposite Colours attract 9

Opposite Colours attract 10

Opposite Colours attract 11

Opposite Colours attract 12

Opposite Colours attract 14

Stay Blessed




Florals was one of the key trends for Spring Summer 2013. Florals as a trend has been running for many years. It has been a firm favourite. If you Remember, Miranda Priestley’s statement in Devil Wears Prada-‘Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking’. It is a reminder that Fashion has a never ending love affair with florals. It is not stopping anytime soon. For the 2013 look, florals come 3D with oversized motifs and appliqués. This was seen at the Erdem show-the Master of florals. 

Florals are all about having fun. It looks pretty and flirty in spring. It looks vibrant and exciting in the summer. I went for the girly floral look for my Flower Power OOTD.

Here are some Pictures:

Flower party 1

Flower party 2

Flower party 3

Flower party 4

Flower party 11

Flower party 12

Flower party 13

Flower party 14

Flower party 16

Flower party 25

Flower party 26

I was wearing:

Floral dress- It was made in Ghana

Brown Wedges- Bertie (John Lewis)

Necklace- Wallis

Gold Bangle- a gift

Stay Blessed


White Everything

White Everything

Who said it can only be black everything? Who said that black is the only colour for a monochrome look? Girls, Aunties and Yummy Mummies it can be done in any colour. Orange everything, Blue everything or Yellow everything-it can be done! I will definitely try a monochrome look in one of these colours and post it for all of you to see.

For this outfit, it was the ‘White Everything Look’. Summer has been lovely this year, especially by British weather standards lol. Nothing is better than wearing white, which will keep you cool in the summer heat. An all white look signifies class, sophistication and all things diva. When I was wearing this outfit, I felt I was in Saint- Tropez *I wish*. Instead I was in good ole Essex.

Here are some pictures:

White everything 5

white everything 6

White everything 7

White everything 13

White everything 8

I was wearing:

White Sleeveless Shirt-Old

White Palazzo Trousers-Old

Glass sandals- Marks & Spencer

Chunky necklace- Wallis

Gold Cuff- Wallis

Stay Blessed


Candy colours

Candy colours


You can probably guess by now, I love bright colours and patterns. The Candy Colour trend has continued into Spring and Summer 2013 with it still being a key look. This was an OOTD for church.

Here are some pictures:

multi-colour platform wedges

pink dress 2

pink dress 3

pink dress 10

pink dress 5

pink dress 6

 pink dress 8

pink dress 9

What am I wearing:

Candy Colour pink and orange dress- Marks & Spencer

Chunky silver necklace- Wallis

Platform Wedges- Kurt Geiger

Stay Blessed


Dots & Stripes

Dots & Stripes

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. I recently went to Paris for a little get away at the end of June. I will be put be putting the pictures up very soon.  This outfit is what I wore when I came back and took a stroll to my local shopping centre. When I came back, the heat wave in England had begun. I am loving this weather. I have been complaining, I will not deny it. Some days have apparently been hotter than Accra & Lagos, that is crazy!  At least there air con is in most places. I just detest, the ‘sweat and the thirsty look’ as I call it. It is not a good look! It is essential in this heat to be carrying a bottle of water and some spray. Anyway, let me stop complaining because I would definitely not like it if started to rain. Hey ho, the UK hardly gets this kind of weather so I am going to appreciate it. It gives me a chance to wear all my colourful and patterned clothing. I was hoping for the sun to come this summer and I got more than I wanted. 

Monochrome trend is a hot look for Summer 2013. The best thing about the look it can be versatile-so you can go for a edgy or  a classic look. One of the best ways to achieve the Monochrome look is to go for polka dots, colour blocking or stripes. I chose to clash a small polka dotted top with striped white and black jeans.

Here are some pictures:

Dots and Stripes 2

Dots and Stripes 3

Dots and Stripes 1

Dots and Stripes 4

What I was wearing:

             Polka dot top- Old top (cannot remember where it is from)

             Striped Trousers-H&M

             Belt- H&M

             Black bag- DKNY

             Black flats- Got it from my mum


Stay Blessed


Double denim

Double denim

I know what you are thinking- double denim is a fashion disaster. However Double Denim can work if it is done right. We all remember the double denim outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the American Music Awards. She was wearing a bustier denim dress and he was wearing a denim suit with that awful cowboy denim hat. Double denim is back in! Designers such as Miu Miu  showcased Double Denim at their spring summer show. Try not to make the double denim  ‘matchy-matchy’- denim shoes, denim hat, denim dress and denim bag etc.  For inspiration take a look at celebrities like Rihanna and Miranda Kerr who have rocked the Double Denim look well. It can be pulled off by all ages-whether in the teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and grown and fabulous.

Here are 3 ways Double Denim can be done:

1) Head to toe

This means that the top and bottom has the same  or similar shade of blue. This outfit works with simple and neutral accessories. For a contemporary look  try and add bold accessories like a studded bag or a statement belt.

Head to Toe

Denim Shirt- Oasis (Click here)

Jeans- Topshop (Click here)

Studded Bag- Marks & Spencer Limited Collection (Click here)

Sandals – KG Kurt Geiger (Click here)

2) Ladylike

For a ladylike look try a denim dress or a denim shirt with a denim pencil skirt. This could be paired with feminine jewellery and elegant court shoes.

Lady Like

Denim Dress- Phase Eight (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Red Court Stilettos- Stuart Weitzman Russell & Bromley (Click Here)

Red Patent Handbag- Aspinal (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Chunky Pearl Necklace- John Lewis (Click Here)

Pearl Studs- John Lewis (Click Here)

Gold Watch- Radley (John Lewis) (Click Here)

3) Mix and Match

For this look to be achieved, mix and match different types of denims. This can be done for example wearing a denim shirt with  distressed jeans. Additionally, wearing different colours of denim can work for example light washed out jeans with a darker denim top. Now a lot of jeans are mixed with leather or patterns. If you are looking for a contemporary look try jeans like this and a denim top. It is okay to mix and match.

Mix and Match

Denim Shirt with lace- ASOS (Click Here)

Denim Shorts- H&M (Click Here)

Here are some pictures of my Double Denim OOTD on my weekend in Cambridge recently:

SAM_0390denim hhSAM_0391

Denim Shirt-Mango

Denim Skirt- Marks & Spencer

Black Flatform Sandals- KG Kurt Geiger

Belt- Versace

Rose Gold Watch- Marc Jacobs

Stay Blessed


Tribal Chunky

Tribal Chunky

tribal chunky 1

Hello everyone. This is some quick snaps of my OOTD when I went to Bath for a day trip last week. I love love love Aztec, African and tribal prints. I am always looking out for any interesting printed clothes. The tribal printed top is actually a long shirt that I tucked into my harem trousers. I am a big fan of chunky jewellery- it can make an outfit pop. It can also jazz up an ordinary and plain outfit to give it an expensive look. The combination of tribal prints and chunky jewellery is always a winner. I chose the teal tank top just to break it down and give me some colour. I actually had another outfit planned for this trip but the weather ruined my plans. I do hope that the weather gets better and stops misbehaving. It’s June and I want to wear colours!

tribal chunky 2

I was wearing:

Windsmoor  Tribal Printed Shirt (got it from my mum).

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Teal Tank Top

Kaliko (John Lewis) Dark Grey Harem Trousers

Wallis Gold Chunky Statement Necklace

Marc Jacobs Watch

Black flats (got it from my mum)

Stay Blessed