Florals was one of the key trends for Spring Summer 2013. Florals as a trend has been running for many years. It has been a firm favourite. If you Remember, Miranda Priestley’s statement in Devil Wears Prada-‘Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking’. It is a reminder that Fashion has a never ending love affair with florals. It is not stopping anytime soon. For the 2013 look, florals come 3D with oversized motifs and appliqués. This was seen at the Erdem show-the Master of florals. 

Florals are all about having fun. It looks pretty and flirty in spring. It looks vibrant and exciting in the summer. I went for the girly floral look for my Flower Power OOTD.

Here are some Pictures:

Flower party 1

Flower party 2

Flower party 3

Flower party 4

Flower party 11

Flower party 12

Flower party 13

Flower party 14

Flower party 16

Flower party 25

Flower party 26

I was wearing:

Floral dress- It was made in Ghana

Brown Wedges- Bertie (John Lewis)

Necklace- Wallis

Gold Bangle- a gift

Stay Blessed


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