A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through Twitter and saw a discussion between some people slating certain pastors. Many where tweeting that these pastors were preaching ‘Fake Christianity’ and insulting them. Fair enough, there are false wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15) but do not label any pastor a ‘false wolf’ because you simply do not like the message they preach.  Yes, there are many who preach wrong messages. However there is no need to insult them. The Bible tells us that we shall know them by their fruits, so if their messages are not of God we should be able to discern that they produce bad fruits.

Many bash Pastors and churches because they dislike the teachings and messages that is given. Some may dislike them because they have a certain message that is key to their ministry for example some churches are known for deliverance, or their praise and worship ministry, or for their charitable causes. Everyone is called for their own purpose and ministry which may be similar to another but is different to many. Many forget that the heroic figures in the Bible had a common purpose but different goals. For instance take a look at Jesus’ disciples they were all called to preach the good news but they ended up in different places geographically. Each church may have its focus but the majority of them teach the truth and preach the most important message-there is salvation through Jesus Christ. You and I have a common purpose to share the good news but the way it would be explored may be different. Some would explore it by spreading the good news through preaching, teaching, music, writing and even tweeting. Do not hate just because it may not be done the traditional way and then label someone or a ministry a false wolf. 

Stay Blessed


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