What am i reading?- The bottom billion


I am now getting back into my reading groove. I have a pile of books that are waiting for me to read. Lol, you should see my Amazon ‘wish list’- it is full of books that I want to buy.

‘The Bottom Billion’ is a book that I am currently reading. It is such an interesting read. Paul Collier gives unconventional views on global poverty and aid. It will definitely change your view on why there is constant poverty in the world. He develops the notion of the ‘conflict trap’ which means a State’s economic problems can make the country prone to civil war and once a conflict has started there is a trap which is hard to get out from.  However he explains that this idea does not fully explain global poverty . He gives four reasons to why there is poverty such as corruption and political instability. Collier suggests that the solution to this cannot just be the ‘West’ giving aid but there must be a change within these failing states. This change cannot be imposed but rather tools such as military interventions and trade policies he suggests will strengthen reformers in failing states.

‘The Bottom Billion’ is a must read book. If you’re interested in why the ‘Geldof’ types of aid never works, this is the book to read!

Stay Blessed


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