Shirt Dress?

Shirt Dress

Is it a dress or is it a shirt, or is it a shirt dress? It is neither of the three

I wore a plain white shirt and a denim strapless summer dress over it. I love wearing pieces over white shirts. White shirts give outfits a modern, classy and crisp look.

The dress is from F+F, a Tescos clothing line. Yes, Tescos! I am an avid fan of mixing low end and high end clothing. I was out grocery shopping with my mum and and thought ooh isn’t that  dress nice.

Shirt Dress 2

Do not be afraid to walk into different stores, whether it is your local supermarket (don’t worry there are nice pieces, just go through the clothing rails and racks and you’ll find a winner) high street or from a designer line in Selfridges-there is always going to be something for you

Here are some more pictures of the outfit:

Shirt Dress 3

Shirt Dress 4

Shirt Dress 5

Shirt Dress 8

Shirt Dress 7


What was I wearing?

White Shirt

Denim Strapless Dress-F+F

Shoes- Russell & Bromley

Bag- Zara


Stay Blessed


THE 7 DENIM FIT-JEANS for 7 Body Types

THE 7 DENIM FIT-JEANS for 7 Body Types


I don’t know about you, but I find it so hard to get jeans that fit me properly. They are either huge at the waist, too tight at the hips or make my legs look humungous- its Girls with Big Bum Problems.  I remember when jeggings first came out, I stayed far away from it. The material of jeggings was very clingy. But now you can get all types- which is great for my figure. Now, you can get jeggings which are very much like jeans. Check out M & S, they have great jeggings!

Now, if you are like me and love wearing all types of jeans (boyfriend, mom, skinny, flares and straight, white, grey, black, blue or green etc) you will need to know how to put it together. I am a pear shape-smaller top, bigger bottom half. If I am wearing white skinny jeans, I would wear a colourful top to balance it out. It won’t be right to wear a darker colour at the top, to draw attention to my bottom half. It is great to know what suits your figure.

What is the right denim fit for you?

1) Pear Shape

What is the right denim fit for you?Pear asos straight jeans


Straight jeans is perfect for pear shapes. It compliments curves and elongates your legs.

Flared Jeans are also great for pear shapes.

Colours- Opt for darker tones

Jeans- Check it out here (ASOS Marney Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Wash)


2) Tall

What is the right denim fit for you?

Tall Skinny


Skinny jeans work well for tall women.

It depends on whether you want to add even more height to your appearance. Bootcut and Flares will make your legs longer- but I don’t see anything wrong with that! It will give you that supermodel look. Hey, there Naomi Campbell *waves*.

Also look for brands that offer longer lengths. You may not want to wear something that is too short for you. I understand the headache of finding the right length. I am short, so sometimes jeans may come out longer. Don’t worry if the jeans come out short, you can work it. You can work the cropped look!

Colours- Look for lighter shades of denim

Jeans- Check it out here (Topshop Tall Moto Leigh Skinny Jeans)


3) Hourglass

What is the right denim fit for you?

Hourglass wide trousers asos


Wide leg trousers is great for showing off that hourglass figure. Look for a midrise jean (sits midway on the stomach). It will create a lovely silhouette and fit nicely on your hips.

I know what you are thinking-ewww, bootcut *cringe*. However it is not bad as many think, when dressed right you will be looking fineeee! Bootcut is a good fit for the hourglass shape.

Jeans- Check it out here (Denham Pam Wide Leg Jeans)


4) Athletic

What is the right denim fit for you?

Athletic Levi boyf jeans


Yes, that’s right- anything! Whether its boyfriend or slim fitted- athletic shapes can work it. Athletic body shapes are lucky, they can carry anything off. Skinny and Bootcut look particularly good on Athletic figures. Bootcut would give you a curvier silhouette.

Jeans- Check it out here (Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny Selvedge Jeans)


5) Inverted Triangle

What is the right denim fit for you?

  Mango inverted triangle


Flares is the best for an inverted triangle body shape. Flares would broaden your shoulders and balance it out.

Colours- Anything

Jeans- Check it out here (Mango Dark Wash Flared Jeans)









6) Petite

What is the right denim fit for you?Petite cropped zara shoes


Petite girls stick to cute cropped jeans. This should be slim or skinny cut. A high waistline will lengthen your legs.




Jeans- Check it out here (Zara Cropped Jeans)


7) Apple

What is the right denim fit for you?


Apple Bootcut M & S

Bootcut will give you a slimming appearance. Try to find jeans that have pockets on the bum, to give your bum shape. Add heels and you’re ready to go!

Colours- Opt for dark denim

Jeans- Check it out here (M&S Collection Slim Fit Denim Bootleg Jeans)


Stay Blessed


Double denim

Double denim

I know what you are thinking- double denim is a fashion disaster. However Double Denim can work if it is done right. We all remember the double denim outfits that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore to the American Music Awards. She was wearing a bustier denim dress and he was wearing a denim suit with that awful cowboy denim hat. Double denim is back in! Designers such as Miu Miu  showcased Double Denim at their spring summer show. Try not to make the double denim  ‘matchy-matchy’- denim shoes, denim hat, denim dress and denim bag etc.  For inspiration take a look at celebrities like Rihanna and Miranda Kerr who have rocked the Double Denim look well. It can be pulled off by all ages-whether in the teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and grown and fabulous.

Here are 3 ways Double Denim can be done:

1) Head to toe

This means that the top and bottom has the same  or similar shade of blue. This outfit works with simple and neutral accessories. For a contemporary look  try and add bold accessories like a studded bag or a statement belt.

Head to Toe

Denim Shirt- Oasis (Click here)

Jeans- Topshop (Click here)

Studded Bag- Marks & Spencer Limited Collection (Click here)

Sandals – KG Kurt Geiger (Click here)

2) Ladylike

For a ladylike look try a denim dress or a denim shirt with a denim pencil skirt. This could be paired with feminine jewellery and elegant court shoes.

Lady Like

Denim Dress- Phase Eight (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Red Court Stilettos- Stuart Weitzman Russell & Bromley (Click Here)

Red Patent Handbag- Aspinal (John Lewis) (Click Here)

Chunky Pearl Necklace- John Lewis (Click Here)

Pearl Studs- John Lewis (Click Here)

Gold Watch- Radley (John Lewis) (Click Here)

3) Mix and Match

For this look to be achieved, mix and match different types of denims. This can be done for example wearing a denim shirt with  distressed jeans. Additionally, wearing different colours of denim can work for example light washed out jeans with a darker denim top. Now a lot of jeans are mixed with leather or patterns. If you are looking for a contemporary look try jeans like this and a denim top. It is okay to mix and match.

Mix and Match

Denim Shirt with lace- ASOS (Click Here)

Denim Shorts- H&M (Click Here)

Here are some pictures of my Double Denim OOTD on my weekend in Cambridge recently:

SAM_0390denim hhSAM_0391

Denim Shirt-Mango

Denim Skirt- Marks & Spencer

Black Flatform Sandals- KG Kurt Geiger

Belt- Versace

Rose Gold Watch- Marc Jacobs

Stay Blessed