How to wear colour? And love it

So one Wednesday, also known as ‘middle of the week when is Friday coming’…my colleague come over to my desk and told me she loved what I was wearing. As anyone does when receiving a compliment, I thanked her and smiled. In my head, I was thinking really this old thing…what would they say when I really make the effort.

Anyway going back to the matter, later on my colleague commented on my ‘great style’, it then turned into a long conversation as to where I draw my style and inspiration from. She discussed with me how she considers her style as basic and she doesn’t have a lot of colours in her wardrobe. Without realising, I was giving her style advice as how to introduce colour into her wardrobe as she is afraid of it. Wearing colour is an expressive tool, that can show your personality and you should not be fearful of it. Now, I am going to share the tips I gave to my colleague with you. It’s too good for only one to know.

1) Accessories

Accessories are a great way to introduce colour to an outfit. It’s like taking baby steps to brightness, first step to walking in brightness wear a bright coloured belt with a neutral outfit. Or bejewelled jewellery with a black cocktail dress or a blue bag with an all white outfit for example.

2) Blazers

Blazers are a fun way of wearing colour and loving it. Blazers are timeless and is a must need for every wardrobe. Having a few blazers across the colour spectrum will not hurt and will add that pop of colour to any ‘everyday outfit’ e.g a white tee, jeans and pink blazer

3) Colour phobic or Colour Adverse? Or a Colour lover

Try muted cooler shaders and pastels if you really cannot take to colour. For someone who is not afraid of colour, but does not wish to be a traffic light, a monotone outfit (which is a trend this season) will look awesome on you. wear complimentary colours (think black and white, For bright colour lovers like myself who do not mind being a walking highlighter, wear complimentary colours (think black and white, yellow and purple, orange and blue).

To be honest, as I have gotten older my wardrobe is seeing more neutrals and not colour blocking as much as I used to (I am sure you scroll through the site you will see that was my thing). Time does refine and change your style but never let go of colour.

Here are some pictures of me wearing colour and loving it:

How to wear colour 1

How to wear colour 2

How to wear colour 3

How to wear colour 4

How to wear colour 5

How to wear colour 6

Stay blessed x

Opposite Colours Attract

Opposite Colours Attract


Opposite colours attract. Some may think that complementary colours in an outfit is a bit too much. A bit too much is never enough! However you don’t want to be looking like a walking rainbow. When doing colour blocking, try to have two main parts of your outfit as complementary colours and keep the rest neutral. With my OOTD , my complementary colours was yellow and blue (not the traditional complementary colours of yellow and purple but yellow and blue will still work), then the neutral colours was black and white. This still gives you the vibrant look but doesn’t make you look clown crazy.

Here are some pictures:

Opposite Colours attract 1

Opposite Colours attract 6

Opposite Colours attract 7

Opposite Colours attract 8

Opposite Colours attract 9

Opposite Colours attract 10

Opposite Colours attract 11

Opposite Colours attract 12

Opposite Colours attract 14

Stay Blessed